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What started as a small project studio to record song ideas continued to grow.  With the constant accumulation of recording equipment the original studio to quickly ran out of space.  After a substantial construction and design Think Tank Recording Studio became multi-room soundproof studio adding clients and growing over the last 15+ years.  The studio is currently stacked with high quality analog gear, microphones and instruments for recording, mixing and mastering audio.

The owner and engineer (and construction contractor) Craig Tambascio has been performing for 30+ years. Craig started playing bass guitar and guitar in bands in his early teens recording several releases with his high school band Genocide. Later he enrolled in music college earning a B.S in voice, singing opera arias and classical art songs. Along the way he continually study guitar, bass and started playing piano, performing in jazz big bands and rock cover bands through college. A multi-instrumentalist, Craig also plays the double bass, mandolin, ukulele and harmonica. After college Craig played bass for a renowned regional pop band Eden's Poets writing and recording three original albums. He eventually teamed up with the band Forwardhead releasing two albums both recorded at Think Tank. Craig currently spends him time teaching music and writing and recording with the band Walk The Wreckage  and occasionally picking up cover gig with the Lee Priddy Trio and others. For more information contact Craig at

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