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Think Tank can accommodate record production from the very beginning through the final stages. From professionally recorded full length releases to live recordings, solo acoustic acts, and demos Think Tank has the equipment, knowledge and experience to accommodate all your recording needs. If you need help working out arrangements, harmonies or just getting your music together producer services are also available. Think Tank has a vast collection of instruments, amps, pedals and other equipment available for use as well as network of studio musicians to help make your music sound professional. Contact for more information.


Think Tank is well suited for analog mixing including high-end analog summing. We have a number of software DAWs including Pro Tools, Studio One, Ableton, Reason and Cakewalk to directly import your tracks no matter your platform. Think Tank typically mixes tracks through high-end analog gear to color the sound (or not) for that warm, fat and articulate analog sound but can also do 'in the box' mixing using high quality plugin emulations. We have over 1500 plugins from Waves, Universal Audio, Izotope, Brainworx, Soundtoys, Fab Filter and many more. With many analog and digital options we are able to accommodate any style of music. Contact for more information.


Think Tank uses outboard preamps and compressors by legendary audio manufacturers including SSL, API, Drawmer and others that are well suited to master audio. We also use a number of world class software suites and analog emulations in concert with our hardware. This hybrid approach allows for great flexibility and the ability to master many types of audio. But all of the equipment and tools mean very little without expertise and experience and Think Tank has been working with musicians and artists for over 20 years.  Contact for more information.


Teaching music has been my career for more than 25 years. I've worked with students of all ages in private studios, in music stores and public school classrooms since 1994.  I have a B.S. in Music Education and certified K-12 to teach music in the state of Maryland. I've also written several school system curricula for guitar and music technology classroom. Lessons are available for guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, voice and recording arts with online private lessons through Zoom (or others) and in person lessons at my studio in Arnold, MD. Contact for more information.

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