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Things To Consider Before Recording in the Studio

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

When planning your studio recording session you will save time, money and have a more enjoyable experience if you consider a few things. First be sure all of your instruments and equipment is in good working order. Be sure the drums are in tune and the hardware isn't making any 'squeaking' noises, and be sure all your guitars have fresh strings and stay in tune. And don't schedule a vocal session after you worked for 10 hours or the day after you were screaming at a playoff game. These will all make things more difficult and cost you valuable time and money.

Be sure everyone knows the parts as well as possible and are able to perform them accurately. Determine the tempo and practice the song with a click track or metronome. If the song has tempo or meter changes or is in free time, identify and label those sections.

Think about how you want to record. Most of the time bands record one or a few parts at a time. For example you might record drums and bass first and overdub the rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals, and/or keys later. Determine the most prominent instruments and record those first. Then go back and 'build' the rest of the instruments to complete your tracks. It is also common to load a scratch track of the song performed with the structure and timing and perform to the scratch. This track will be replaced at some point but can be used as a guide. Create a realistic schedule estimating the order instruments will be recorded. If you plan record 'live' as a band be sure you have practiced extensively to prepare for recording live in the studio.

You should select music or bands that you like and reference ones that are similar to your music. Not to copy a sound but to help explain the sound and vision for your music. Lastly keep an open mind and be flexible and open to ideas during the recording and if possible leave some time for experimenting in the studio. Hopefully your questions about recording were answered but if you have any more question feel free to contact me at Craig.

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